Chinese Xpeng EVs show Scandinavian buyers vehicle of the future

Surrounding Reality display on the dashboard of the Xpeng P5

Xpeng, the Chinese EV maker has already got 18 dealerships in Norway, and another three in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The EV maker wants to be one of the world’s leading electric car makers and is constantly running campaigns globally, one of which is the release of a video of the testing on its official Twitter account as the Xpeng autopilot vehicle takes a human driver for a 26-kilometre test ride.

According to a report by, the video shot inside an Xpeng P5 shows a reality-style video that gives potential buyers the idea of what future automotive travel might be like.

“The self-driving capabilities of the vehicle face off against live traffic. The video shows the ‘industry-first’ Surrounding Reality display on the dashboard. It is a 3D animation of nearby cars and road conditions, such as congestions and traffic lights. Although it seems like a standard navigation system, the CNGP gathers live data using its LiDAR sensors rather than external sources.

“As seen in the footage, the autopilot technology requires no human intervention, even during the higher skill-demanding maneuvers, such as changing several lanes or exiting the main road. It even apologizes for braking too hard after it stops the car when an oncoming scooter is detected. Also, the system warns of various events along the road, including other vehicle movements and anticipating its own maneuvers.”

In May this year Xpeng also opened an experience store in Oslo, where potential Norwegian buyers could get hands-on experience and test drive these electric cars before they actually commit to purchasing a vehicle. Read about this here.

Source: autoevolution

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