Christmas service at Christ Church 2021

Christa Lund Herum and Jyrki Markkanen during a prayer

The Christmas service at the Christ Church of Bangkok was, for the first time, only a Danish and Finnish sermon. The service was led by the pastor at the Danish church in Thailand, Christa Lund Herum, and the Finnish pastor at The Finnish Seamen´s Mission Jyrki Markkanen. The service was orchestrated so that the pastors in shifts would read from the bible in English, Danish and Finnish. The psalms were in addition song in English and in a Finish/Danish hybrid. A format that worked quite well.

The sermon, which naturally was about the birth of baby Jesus, were put in perspective with women’s rights worldwide as well as the Covid-crisis influence on our social life.

After the service the congregation were invited for “Gløgg” and “æbleskiver” sponsored by the Scandinavian Society Siam. This was a very nice and cozy opportunity for old and new members of the Scandinavian society in Thailand to meet and wish each other a merry Christmas.

The blod and body of Christ was replaced with gløgg and æbleskiver

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