Consulate General in Shanghai attendsopening of Nordic film festival

The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai attended the opening of a Nordic film festival at Nanjing University on May 8.

On May 8tthe Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai was welcomed by Nanjing University to a Nordic film festival held at the university campus. The film festival was organised by the Chinese-Nordic Cultural Centre at Nanjing University in cooperation with the Nordic Consulates General in Shanghai.

All Nordic Consulate Generals and the Director of the Chinese-Nordic Culture Centre, Professor at Nanjing University Mr He Cheng Zhou were present at the opening.

The Danish contribution to the film festival was the movie “This Life” which depicts a Danish resistance group and their fight for freedom during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Denmark in the 1940s.

“The movie portrays some of the values that we as Danes to this day still find important such as family, friendship, solidarity and personal freedom. The students at Nanjing University will definitely be able to recognize these themes and find the movie deeply affecting,” says Karsten Ankjær Jensen, Consul General of Denmark in Shanghai.

Director of the Chinese-Nordic Cultural Centre, Professor He Cheng Zhou would like to welcome more events like the film festival.

“The Chinese-Nordic Cultural Centre is always looking for ways to introduce the students of Nanjing University to Nordic culture and we are encouraging our students to be actively involved. The important thing here is to expand the cultural exchange even more between the Nordic countries and Nanjing University,” Professor He Cheng Zhou says.

300 students took part in the opening of the film festival which was scheduled to run for two days exhibiting a total of four movies.


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