Nordic documentaries to tour China

In 2013, the 8th Nordic Documentary Film Festival launches a brand new spring section – the NORDOX University Tour. It will take place from 18 May to 16 June, collaborating with 10 prestigious Chinese universities in Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou. 25 selected films from NORDOX archive will be screened during the tour.  Representatives from the Nordic Embassies and Consulates, university scholars, active local young intellectuals  are also invited to attend the screenings and discussion events. The first opening event and screening will be held in Tsinghua University (Tsingying Film Doc Screening) on 18 May, 2013.

All events are open to the public.

The Nordic Documentary Film Festival, founded in 2006, is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting a unique Nordic perspective on society at large. In the past seven years, NORDOX has selected a wide-range of creative and cutting-edged Nordic documentary films from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The Shanghai opening event will be held at the Fudan Nordic Centre on 3 June, 2013, screening Regretters (Sweden). NORDOX invites scholars and active local young intellectuals to attend the screenings and discussion events.

Carefully selected from the documentaries shown in previous Nordox festivals, a total of 18 films will be shown in three different units.


Core Unit – The Nordic Vision

Thisunit includes 6 of the most visionary and prize-winning documentaries from each of the five Nordic countries.

Surplus (Sweden)

Five Star Existence (Finland)

Ghosts of Cité Soleil ( Denmark)

At the Edge of the World (Iceland, Norway)

Necrobusiness  (Sweden)

The Five Obstructions (Denmark)


Special Unit – Youth Culture

These films present various coming-of-age stories in the context of multiculture and insecurity.

From the Margreth Olin’s ocean blue to Ellen Ugelstad’s grey, we see both the hope and the cruelty of  youth in these colorful images.

Raw Youth (Norway)

Summer Child (Finland)

Girls (Norway)

110% Suburbia (Denmark)

Ahmed Almost 13 (Norway)

Indian Summer (Norway)


Third Unit – Gender Questions

How do people encounter their sexuality? This unit explores the experiences of people who questions or have difficulties facing their own gender.

Regretters (Sweden)

She is My Father (Norway)

Killing Girls (Norway)

Lilli/shorts/ (Finland)

My Body /shorts/ (Norway)

Like Pescha (Sweden)

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