COVID-19 sniffer dogs detect virus carriers in Finland and now also in Thailand

Photo curtesy: Pattaya Post

Finland is amongst the countries that are already using dogs trained to sniff out covid-19 virus carriers and now Thailand can present its first pack of six dogs trained for the same purpose.

According to Pattaya Mail, it is Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science that has released Thailand’s first pack of six Labrador Retrievers. According to professor Kaywalee Chatdarong, dogs’ sense of smell is 50 times better than humans and the Faculty of Veterinary Science has chosen Labrador Retrievers because of their long snouts, good sense of smell, and friendliness.

The pack of six COVID-19 sniffer dogs are 94.8 percent accurate in sniffing out asymptomatic patients, Kaywalee Chatdarong said, adding that in the future they will train dogs to detect patients with other diseases, such as diabetes, depression, malaria, and Alzheimer’s.

In addition to Finland, Germany, France, and Australia are also using dogs to detect virus carriers.

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