DABS Webinar on rules for inheritance and guardianship for Danes living in Singapore 8 March

Danish Business Association Singapore (DABS) is inviting its members to a webinar covering Danish rules for inheritance and guardianship for Danes living in Singapore on 8 March. Kindly note that this event will be conducted in Danish.

The invitation reads:

“DABS is experiencing that several of our Danish members are unsure of the situation children and heirs are brought into if something happens to the parents while the family lives in Singapore. When the parents are Danish and the child has a Danish passport, the Danish rules apply, as the children will not have legal residence in Singapore in the long run.

DASB members now have the opportunity to become wiser in this particular area, when lawyer Karina Sejersbøl Christiansen, among other things, focuses on who inherits from you if you do not create a will, and what options you have if you do create a will.

Among other things, Karina will provide insight into who is one’s forced heirs and what is a compulsory inheritance, and what can be done with the part that one is free to dispose of.
She will also discuss what can be done to protect the heirs’ inheritance, as well as what must be paid in taxes on death. Finally, there will be time for the important questions that many of our members naturally have as Danes in Singapore.

Danish lawyer and lecturer
Karina Sejersbøl Christiansen works as a lawyer at Advodan in Næstved, Denmark. She has worked as a court lawyer for 11 years and has since then worked as a lawyer for the last 10 years.

She is primarily involved in creating wills, marriage contracts, and future proxies, as well as divorce and child custody cases.

Date & Time
Monday, 8 March 2021
5:00PM – 6.00PM

Registration and cost:
Participation is free of charge for DABS members. Please register here
Before the event, you will receive a Zoom link via email.

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