Dane starts new business networking group in Bangkok

Bangkok Business Presentation is a new networking group that allows even small companies to come and present their company for other networkers. The founder is Dane Henrik Jensen. 

“The reason why I have started this network is because I want to create a place where it is easy for other business people to come and present their company. It can often be difficult and cost a lot of money in marketing to reach out to many people. With this event we make it easy for a very small amount of money to reach a big group of people,” Henrik says.

If a company signs up for a presentation it will include marketing for the company such as:

– the opportunity to present the company for many networkers at the event
– a description of the company on the event on meetup.com and the Facebook group
– marketing of the event in other relevant groups on Facebook
– pictures from the event on meetup.com and Facebook

The companies will get a table available where they can have their presentation for networkers who might be interested, and Henrik expect 5-8 companies to do a presentation to every event. However, the project is still in the start-up phase.

“We expect to hold the first event July 22, and the venue for the first presentation will be updated on the group very soon,” Henrik says.

31 people have already joined the group on meetup.com and 6 people have signed up for the first business presentation and networking event.

Henrik Jensen
Henrik Jensen is the owner of the IT consulting and real estate company Mangosuntech Co., Ltd



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