Danida Business Partnership programme in Indonesia: Two named partnerships suspended

ScandAsia reported previously in April that the Danida Business Programme Partnership in Indonesia had been suspended due to alleged fraud within the programme.

Kasper Helmgaard Rask, political and economic advisor at the Danish Embassy in Indonesia, clarifies that it is not the entire programme that has been suspended – only cooperation with two businesses involved.

“The Danish Embassy has decided to suspend the individual partnerships with two businesses from two different projects under the Danida Business Programme. It is not the entire programme that has been suspended,” says Kasper Helmgaard Rask to ScandAsia.

The two businesses, whose partnership agreements has been suspended, are Syntes Engineering and Smoke Solution ApS.

Information provided by one of the other partners in the Daninda Business programme initiated the investigation of Syntes Engineering, while a random test of project partners’ requests for funding led to the investigation of Smoke Solution ApS, according to the political and economic advisor from the Danish Embassy in Indonesia Kasper Helmgaard Rask.

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