Danish activists open Tibetan “embassy” in Copenhagen

Tibet is not a free and independent country but a Danish group of activists wish to change this. That is why, this Wednesday they are opening a Tibetan “embassy” in Copenhagen. The location – right across the Chinese embassy. The group called Students for a free Tibet sent out a press release Friday. This Wednesday it will be 100 years since the country announced its independence in 1913 that lasted till the Chinese occupation in 1951.

The activists from Students for a free Tibet will be assembling Wednesday, February 13 at 4.30 pm. on  Øregårds Allé 25 in Hellerup in the Northern Copenhagen.

Ceremonially, they will cut the red ribbon to the “embassy”, have an exhibition on how a free Tibet might look like, serve tea and cookies for the guests of the “embassy”, show the Declaration of Independence from 1913, raise the Tibetan flag and sing the national anthem. They will also light 100 candles and invite the Chinese ambassador for a dialogue.

The happening comes at the same time as reports from the Tibetan provinces in China describes several cases of Tibetans setting themselves on fire as a protest against the supposed oppression against Tibetan culture, language and freedom of speech. Since 2009, 99 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in a desperate act of protest against the Chinese authorities. Most are younger Tibetans or even teenagers and less than 20 have survived the horrible burns.

The Chinese authorities have toughened laws to rid the wave of protests. They are now targeting people who are believed to be encouraging the self burnings, aiding in them or simply reporting it to foreign media. They can be sentenced to life in prison and even death penalty. The first have already been convicted.

 Source: u-landsnyt.dk