Danish Ambassador spoke at UNDP’s regional iData Studio opening

Through Danida, the Danish Government is supporting innovation activities carried out by members of the UN family, including UNDP.

On 29 March 2017 Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel gave a key note speech at the opening of UNDP’s regional iData Studio in Bangkok. Exploring opportunities for the beneficial use of (big) data projects, the Studio is an excellent example of a systematic approach to innovation which can make the UN’s work even more efficient to the benefit of even more countries and people – be it in the field of sustainable development or humanitarian assistance. The studio is a good vehicle for sharing innovative ideas and scaling initiatives among a large number of countries in the region, writes the Embassy of Denmark, Bangkok.

“For Denmark the support to the innovation facilities will continue to be a key priority both politically and financially. We encourage other donors to add their support to this important UN endeavour. Technology and innovation should be promoted through partnerships with local private sectors to boost results and secure local ownership.”

In this spring Denmark, together with the Danish Confederation of Industries, will host an innovation seminar at the UN City in Copenhagen focusing on how the UN work with innovation and how the private sector can contribute to this crucial work.

Source: Embassy of Denmark, Bangkok

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