Danish company in charge of China’s biggest district heating project

Danish Danfoss, which specializes in energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions, has just signed a record deal with the Chinese city of Anshan, which aims to make Anshan world leaders in district heating.

The contract is the largest deal so far made by Danfoss in China when it comes to district heating, which means that the company will be expanding its factory in the city, Danfoss announced in a press release.

The agreement includes a district heating solution at a value of hundreds of DKK millions, which means a more stable district heating to the more than 1.8 million inhabitants of the city.

That means that Anshan will be the first city in China to use district heating in that scale.

”Anshan will be a role model of how Danfoss can display energy saving district heating solutions,” said vice-president, Atli Benonysson from Danfoss District Energy.

”The project will be the first of its kind in China and it already has the attention of many other municipalities,” he adds.

The new district heating system will make use of excess heat from a local steel steelworks and make Anshan capable of reducing the use of energy and also reducing CO2-emissions by 240.000 ton annually.

”We look forward to the project because the most  important institutions in Anshan are working together in creating a much better environment for our citizens,” says deputy mayor, Zhang Shichao of Anshan Municipality.

Source: epn.dk 


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