Danish Peak Performance aims for China

The Danish fashion company IC Companys is working on a large plan to bring some of the company’s more exclusive brands worldwide. As part of the plan, a brand new agreement of distributions of the Peak Performance brand, says CEO of IC Companys, Niels Mikkelsen to Ritzau Finans.

”Peak Performance is already international in the way that we are visible at pretty much all skiing places in Europe. We are in Japan and we have just signed a deal in China and Hong Kong where we are starting up with new distributors. The distributor is a strong partner who is going to bring Peak Performance to the Chinese market.

According to Niels Mikkelsen it will only be Peak Performance being introduced in the distributor’s shops, at least at first. The rest of the brands will not be included in the deal seeing as they have separate strategies.

”This sort of deal is usually brand by brand. The same distributor can have more brands but we haven’t made a package solution. We choose the best distributor for each brand,” the CEO said.

Niels Mikkelsen does not wish to discuss the ambitions for Peak Performance’s launch in Asia.

”We want to do this right, which means that it is a long haul for us. For us it is more about choosing the right partner and the right strategy and setting overall goals,” he said.

Source: epn.dk 

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