Danish embassy Bangkok opens for applications for internship all through October.

Ambassador Jon Thorgaard, Royal Danish Embassy Bangkok. .

The Danish Embassy in Bangkok has currently no trainees due to the entry restrictions to Thailand. But the Embassy looks forward to welcoming four trainees again as soon as the entry situation allows.

“If you are interested in an internship in Thailand in the spring of 2021, you are welcome to submit an application and we will look at the applications during October 2020. Commitments for an internship for the spring semester 2021 will, however, be subject to re-opened for entry into Thailand,” the embassy writes.

Below is an overview from the embassy of the internships it usually has, as well as expected work assignments.

The embassy usually has an intern for each of the following areas:

Politics and Public Diplomacy

– Export Promotion and Economic Diplomacy

– Regional export promotion (focus on food, food processing and agriculture)

– Communication, Cultural Cooperation and Public Diplomacy


The internship is aimed at Danish citizens or persons with a long-term connection to Denmark who are in the process of a relevant higher education and have acquired a bachelor’s degree.

The applicant is expected to be independent, responsible, thorough and flexible. Good English skills, written and oral, as well as a well-formulated and error-free Danish are a prerequisite. Knowledge of using Microsoft Office as well as interest in and professional knowledge of Southeast Asia will be an advantage. Cultural adaptability is also emphasized.

The embassy demands a considerable amount of work. Regardless of the individual internship areas, it is expected that the interns are positive and open to versatile tasks within several work areas, including contributions to handling the ongoing administrative and routine tasks.

An internship at the embassy in Bangkok gives the intern an introduction to a versatile and dynamic workplace in an international environment.

In addition to tasks related to the individual internships, there will be tasks that relate to all the interns on an ongoing basis – for example updates of the embassy’s website.

Employment conditions
The internship period in the autumn semester is 6 months from 1 August to 31 January (the exact start date is agreed individually with the embassy due to holidays in August): In the spring semester, the period is 6 months and runs from 1 February to 31. July.

The internship is unpaid, but the embassy provides a subsidy to cover the cost of living of DKK 2,500 per. month. During the stay, it is possible to include SU according to current rules. The trainee is responsible for finding housing, but previous trainees may. help with contacts and advice.

The internship must contribute to the student’s development and education and will be sought to be arranged in a way that will ensure credit transfer in accordance with the rules at the applicable place of study. It will to a limited extent be possible to set aside time to work on a possible internship assignment.

The average weekly working time is 37 hours. During the internship, the trainee is entitled to 2.08 days holiday per. month internship – equivalent to 12 days.

Application Application and CV, both in English, relevant exam papers and possibly recommendations are sent in one single document in PDF form to the embassy per. digital mail. Please send the application in one combined document as a PDF file, where it is specified which work area is applied for.

How to apply:

You can send digital mail to the embassy by using your e-Box, where you log in with your NemID. Below is a description of how:

– Log in to e-Boks with NemID

– Click on ‘Write new post’

– Click on ‘Select recipient’ and search for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Click on ‘Representations’

– Select ‘Embassy of Bangkok’

– Write in the subject field which position you are applying for

– Click ‘Send’ after you have written your email

The embassy communicates primarily via secure mail – Digital Post – but can also be contacted via regular e-mail: bkkamb@um.dk

If you want to send emails with sensitive information from your own mail account such as Outlook, you can send secure mail with NemID. Read more about how to send a secure e-mail from your own private mail account with NemID here: here

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