Denmark helps Vietnamese farmers export to Europe

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

The future is looking a little brighter for small farmers in the Khan Hoa province. With support from the Danish Embassy, the small scale vegetable farmers have been able to advance their production methods and access the Japanese and European market, ultimately leading to an improvement of revenue and livelihood for the many households dependent on agriculture.

Ambassador John Nielsen recently visited some of the companies and experienced the positive changes brought about by the Danish support. “It’s always satisfying to see when a program truly makes a real difference to people’s everyday lives. By cultivating new varieties of Taro and eggplant, local farmers are now able to compete in very competitive export markets, making a better and more stable income for their families,” says John Nielsen.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

One Comment on “Denmark helps Vietnamese farmers export to Europe”

  1. shall we get cooperation from Danish Embassy to establish further vegetable farm (small scale or medium scale).

    we are itnerested to contact with right person.
    please advice

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