Danish envoy discusses green economy at Da Nang university

Ambassador John Nielsen gave two lectures about the Danish experience on turning the economy into a greener economy. During the lectures at Da Nang University of Technology and Da Nang University of Economics, the Ambassador referred to some of the challenges that Vietnam is currently encountering with polluted ground water and rivers, which are putting people’s health at risk.den_vn_green

Further, he emphasized that in a competitive global market, the quality of foods and products are essential and that both the European and US markets are very sensitive to healthy foods and products.

“I believe it is crucial to delink the relation between growth and environmental hazards. Our experience shows that it is possible to have high economic growth while reducing energy consumptions and greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding the environment,” the Ambassador stated. “Green technology is good value for money in the long run and I hope some of our experiences will be useful for Vietnam in the future,” the Ambassador concluded.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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