Danish fishmeal producer builds factory in China

TripleNine, a Danish producer of fishmeal and fish oil, will build a new factory in China to produce fish meal for animal feed. The Danish company wants to gain greater market share in China and hence become the biggest producer in the world, Business.dk reports.den_cn_999

TripleNine, headquartered in Esbjerg and owner of factories and operations in Denmark, Norway, Chile, South Africa, China and Mauritania, sells it fishmeal and oil for pet food and salmon, trout, carp and feed. The company is now to invest 140 million krone (18.8 million euro) in a ultra-modern factory in Shandong Province, China. The Danish investment agency IFU contributes 35 million krone (4.7 million euro).

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2 Comments on “Danish fishmeal producer builds factory in China”

  1. Please keep an eye on the new and fast developing fishmeal plant manufacturer – Beihai Xinhong Hengda Machinery Co Ltd. The enterprise combines Denmark/Sweden technology with Chinese fishmeal plant experience, have been exporting to 32 countries since 1995. We offer in guaranteed quality and in cost-effective prices.

  2. It should be mentioned that the Thai/Norwegian company A&S Thai Works in Samutprakarn outside Bangkok has sold over 200 modern fishmeal plants in Asia since 1986, and is still selling and installing about 15 plants per year mainly in in Asia and the Middle East

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