Danish fruit-concentrate producer’s focus on Vietnam pays off

Denmark’s fruit-concentrate company, Orana, attributes its success to an early entry to Vietnam

The company continued to enjoy healthy revenue growth from 184 million kroner to 220 million last year thanks to its manufacturing base and a huge market share in Vietnam, according to Orana´s Managing Director, Niels Østerberg.

“Vietnam has been an overwhelming success. More or less because of that, we can survive and thrive as a company, “ he said.

Orana started their international business venture 21 years ago, supplying Danish-produced fruit-concentrate to Vietnamese yoghurt-makers. At that time, Vietnam rarely opened its doors to foreign exports and investors. Ten years later, Orana started producing and marketing its products in Vietnam, which enabled the company to quickly become the only dominating distributor of fruit-concentrate in the country with a market share of almost 100 percent.

“We were out here early among first movers, and were able to build from that basis – and the production base and Vietnam has made it possible for us to grow our exports to other Asian countries as well. Now we have entered food-service and delivery for hotels and cafes as well, “ Niels Østerberg said.

Orana is building a new and bigger production plant outside of Ho Chi Minh City, said Niels Østerberg, adding that the demand for the company’s products can also be attributed to the growing wealth of the Vietnamese population.


Source: Berlingske, February 13.

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