Danish parliament ready to support double citizenship

Danes abroad rejoice as a political majority now seems to be in place to permit them to hold dual  citizenship. A change in the law will make it possible for Danes outside of Denmark to adopt the nationality of their new home country without having to cancel their Danish citizenship.

The political party “Venstre” announced on Saturday, that they were now ready to change side in the Danish parliament to support a change of the law that will allow for Danes to adopt the citizenship of their new country without having to renounce their current Danish citizenship.

“it has been a bit of a journey for us to reach this standpoint,” admitted party spokesman Jan E. Jorgensen.

Secretary General of the association “Danes Worldwide,” Anne Marie Dalgaard is very pleased with the prospect.

“It is important for Danes living abroad that they can integrate completely in their new home country without having to give up their identity as Danes.”

“A citizenship is so important part of your identity that having to chose is like having to chose between your father or your mother – or choosing between you two children,” she adds.

Anne Marie Dalgaard believes the new political will to help Danes overcome this obstacle in integrating abroad will eventually be a benefit for Denmark and the Danish economy.

“Danes worldwide contribute also to the growth in Denmark with their knowledge, network and skills which they often bring back with them to Denmark. That is valuable for business in Denmark and the Danish business associations so it is very positive that there are now more in the parliament who support double citizenship,” she says.

The law change will not be implemented any time soon, though. It means a change in the Danish constitution and a working group in the Ministry of Justice will first have work out the exact words of the paragraph in the constitution after a change and  scrutinize all legal implications. But it is expected that the proposal will be ready to be tabled in parliament this autumn and then be implemented shortly after it has passed the vote.


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