Danish resident in Thailand: “It is a luxury to live Denmark”

Ove Arnt has previously lived in Thailand for the winter half years but now he intends to stay in Denmark year round – Photo: Yvonn Tittel

Danish pensioner Ove Arnt believes that it’s a luxury to live in Denmark when he compares it to the times he has spent in Thailand, where he has owned a house for 20 years. For the last couple of years, he has been living half the year in his Danish allotment hut and the other (winter) half in his Thai house.

The contrast in the living condition between the two countries has become very apparent to him, JydskeVestkysten writes.

“It is a luxury to live here in Denmark compared to Thailand. In Thailand, a pensioner receives 680 Thai baht in state pension. It is the equivalent of DKK 120. You can’t live off that and that’s why the kids have to take care of their elders,” Ove Arnt says.

Ove explains that he recently had to help with the burning ceremony of a dear friend in Thailand at his funeral.

“There was an American that I took part in burning. His name was Bob. I was one of his best friends and therefore his Thai wife asked me to pour a flammable liquid over him at his funeral,” Ove says and continues.

“Four Buddhist monks were sitting on each side of the coffin meditating. The coffin was open, and he lay in it with flowers around him and with his sunglasses on. He always had them on when we were out playing golf and then I had to pour five liters of liquid over him. And then they shoved him into the oven.”

Ove Arnt is very keen on not having the same faith happening to him. That’s why he is now moving to Denmark for good.

For the same reason, an important issue for Ove in the upcoming Danish municipal election is maintaining the current social living standards because he knows that what people in Denmark have is a luxury.

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