Danish restaurant in Bangkok among bests in Asia

One needs not to be a Thai to cook Thai food that can impress Asian diners. The Danish chef, Henrik Yde Andersen, has thrilled Asian food lovers to such a degree, that his Asian restaurant, Sra Bua, has earned a place among Asia’s top 50 restaurants.

Henrik Yde Andersen operates the restaurant Sra Bua in Bangkok, which is a division of the Thai restaurant Kiin Kiin in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

“It’s crazy. Here I come as a Dane and get recognition for our Thai food out there. Now we get the recognition that we have not gotten at home because of the new Nordic food wave,” says Henrik Yde Andersen.

And ambitions go even further. The Danish chef is planning to open another restaurant in Thailand – on the island of Phuket in November 2014.

“Here we put everything – house, car and everything we own – to create the ultimate restaurant experience,” says Henrik Yde. Food critic,  Søren Frank from Danish Berlingske thinks it is only right to praise Henrik’s performance .

“I think it’s impressive being in the top 50 after only two years, especially when you consider how many great restaurants there are in Asia, especially in Japan,” he says.

“It is worth noting that Sra Bua is not traditional Thai food, but a Danish take on the genre. It’s impressive the way that he has put his mark on the big continent, “says Søren Frank.

‘Worlds 50 Best Asia’, which was published Monday, is a regional edition of the international “World’s 50 Best ‘, where culinary experts and chefs from around the world ranks the world’s best restaurants. Also the international edition bears a striking Danish fingerprints in the form of restaurant ‘Noma’, which ranks first in the 2012-series.

Source: Berlingske



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