Danish craft beer hits Thailand

In Denmark, one of the biggest consumers of beer worldwide, microbreweries and craft beer have long been a big trend and it seems that every other day a new brewery pops up. Now some of the top craft beers in Denmark will be making their way to Thailand. The company responsible is Hopsession, a Thai based trading company located in Bangkok.

The vision of Hopsession is to bring quality international beer brands to Thailand, and they start by introducing award winning and acclaimed Danish brews.

The first beer to be introduced is Bøgedal. Bøgedal Bryghus is a Danish microbrewery that is also one of the world’s smallest. Brewing their beers the same way as fine wine – without the use of pumps, machines, and temperature control – Bøgedal can produce a nearly clear beer without filtration, thereby retaining many of the important flavors and aromas. Bøgedal has an annual production of a mere 30,000 bottles. Produced in batches of 350-700 bottles, each brew is unique and never made again.

The unique brew will be introduced as part of a four-course beer pairing with food prepared by Chef Nan Bunyasaranand of Little Beast where the event is hosted. Bøgedal Brewmaster Gitte Holmboe will also be flying in from Denmark to present the beers and share Bøgedal’s unique brewing methods.

The Bøgedal beer is the first of a number of beers from Denmark, that the company plans to introduce. Later on, craft beers from Nørrebro Brewery, Skovlyst and Mikkeller will also be available for the Thais.  The brewery, Mikkeller, has supplied Michelin stared restaurants like Noma and  Kiin Kiin.

Hopsession also boasts of being the first to start selling mead in Thailand, so it will be exiting to see if the Danish beers will be just as popular as in its homeland.

For beer enthusiasts, the event presenting Bøgedal brewery will be at Little Beast, Thonglor 13. Tickets are THB 2,600 per person and are sold in limited quality.

For tickets, contact  [email protected] or [email protected]

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