Danish Sten Sønderhousen sells fabric masks to help a friend in Thailand

Danish Sten Sønderhousen sells fabric masks that are made for him in Thailand. Photo sn.dk galleri

Sten Sønderhousen decided to place his first order of fabric masks from Thailand, after the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced, that it would be mandatory to wear masks in public in Denmark. They are produced by a long time friend in Thailand who is a tailor and maker of a lot of Sten Sønderhousen clothes.

Sten Sønderhousen explains that he sold his first order of fabric masks to friends and acquaintances, but quickly realized that the fabric masks received a lot of positive feedback on their fit and quality. He then established a company for this new activity called ‘Stens Stoffer’, (english: Stens Fabric) and a website with all kinds of creative designs on the masks – https://stensstoffer.dk/. Among the categories are ‘Jul’ (=Christmas) and ‘Øl’ (=Beer)

When Covid-19 closed Thailand to tourism, it took a heavy toll on Sten Sønderhousen’s tailor friend, whose business is primarily run by tourism. Sten Sønderhousen says that there are no help packages from the government in Thailand and that businesses have to help themselves. It was therefore important for him to help his friend.

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