Danish tourist found dead in Philippines

Danish tourist was found dead yesterday in an apartment he was renting in the village of Barangay near Barreto in the Philippines. So reports the local web media inquirer.net.

It is reported that the 48-year-old man was found lying on on his couch at around 9 a.m. Wednesday. The caretaker of the building, Eduardo Acosildo, discovered the body. According to him, the Danish tourist had been complaining about stomachache and dehydration the day before, but refused to go to the hospital, saying that he did not have money to pay for the expenses.

Acosildo added that the man was able to talk with, while drinking liquor together with fellow Danish Hans Kierkegaard, who  advised him to see a doctor for his condition but ignored it.

Police recovered three large empty gin bottles at the scene.

The Foreign Ministry’s Consular Service states to Berlingske, that they have asked the Danish Consulate in Manila to confirm the death.

According local police, preliminary reports show no signs of foul play, but suggest that the Dane most likely died of natural causes.

Source: bt.dk



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