Delightful atmosphere at Scandinavian Sports Day in Singapore

The annual Scandinavian Sports Day in Singapore, held on Saturday, March 1, took place at Jurong West Stadium and turned out to be a great success with 263 participants.

The ongoing traditional event is arranged by the Norwegian Seamen´s Church, and had participants from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, both grown ups and children.


There were prices in several athletics disciplines up for grabs, such as sprint, long jump, relay and shot putting. Last but not least, the big international football game completed the Sports day, with Sweden as winners, plus the honor of being given the more important right to ridicule for the next twelve months.

The Swede´s dominated most of the disciplines, while the Danes did not scrape that many points home. In all fairness, there were more Swede – and Norwegians, participating than Dane´s.

The work of the many volunteers from all of the Scandinavian families and expats, was the core and foundation, which made the sunny and delightful Sports day possible.


More details on the specific disciplines

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