Xiao Ou tours Asia

The norwegian rapper Xiao Ou aka Eirik Okkenhaug is going on an Asian spring tour kicking off on the 12th of March in Shanghai. The tour will end on the 5th of April in Taiwan.

Xiao Ou and DJ Peewee. Photo: Eirik Okkenhaug
Xiao Ou and DJ Peewee. Photo: Eirik Okkenhaug

It has been nearly 7 years Eirik Okkenhaug travelled to China. He had no previous knowledge of Chinese when arriving, but he figured out a brilliant way to overcome the language barrier one note at a time. To experience the result of his learning system go to one of the upcoming shows, which Xiao Ou and his team is calling the coolest music tour in China.
They play the following shows

12.3 – Shanghai at The Shelter
13.3 – Shanghai at Dada
15.3 – Chengdu at Hemp Bar
18.3 – Chonqqing at Nuts
22.3 –Urumqi at Sharkbar
28.3 – Beijing at Lao What
05.4 – Taiwan at Spring Scream Festival

But if you cannot wait until then, you can listen to his biggest hit “Nage Nage Laowai” right here.

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