Denmark, Indonesia reaffirm environmental cooperation

Danish Ambassador, Mr. Martin Bille Hermann met with Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Central Java in Semarang on 13 February 2014 to confirm their commitment to cooperate under the Environmental Support Programme phase 3 (ESP3). den_ind_environ

The ESP3 agreement has been signed by both Government of Indonesia and Denmark late 2012 for cooperation in the areas of environment, energy, natural resource management, climate change and poverty alleviation. In 2014 the ESP3 will commence with pilot projects in Central Java province.

Central Java is selected as target province because of challenges in environment and energy taking place in this growing province, while Central Java is mobilizing resources in order to address these challenges. “Where there is a will there will is a way.

And ESP3 want to assist Central Java in finding a sustainable way to solve the environmental and energy challenges”; Mr. Ganjar Pranowo and Mr. Martin Bille Hermann said to the press at the end of the ceremonial event.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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