Denmark is the best country to do business according to Forbes Magazine

Photo: Bill Ebbesen @ WikiCommons
Photo: Bill Ebbesen @ WikiCommons

Denmark tops Forbes’ annual Best for Business list while Sweden, Norway and Finland all are in top ten.

Denmark beat Hong Kong in Forbes Magazine’s yearly ranking of the worlds’ countries business climate. For 3 consecutive years between 2008 and 2010, Denmark was number one on Forbes’ list, a position it just regained.

Forbes ranks the countries using 11 different metrics, these includes property rights, innovation, taxes technology, corruption and personal- trade- and monetary freedom. Denmark was in top 25 in all categories and Forbes argues that Denmarks’ flexible labormarket with the so called “Flexicurity model”, which makes it easy for employers to hire and fire workers that are viable for significant unemployment benefit. This creates what Forbes describes as “one of the most productive workforces in Europe”.

Sweden, Norway and Finland that have a strong security net under their workforce all ranks high on Forbes’ list as well. Sweden comes in as number 5, while Norway is number 7 and Finland just makes the list as the country with the 10th best business friendly environment.

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