Fans fly in to world’s first cartoon waterpark with a smile


Cartoon Network’s first ever fully branded waterpark was recently launched south of Pattaya, located in Bang Saray.

The unique and impressive Cartoon Network Amazone development comprises 10 themed entertainment zones spanning a generous 14 acres), each one offering an array of exhilarating water coasters and attractions. The waterpark also features captivating live and multimedia entertainment that incorporates the latest in interactive technology – bringing fans of Cartoon Network closer to their favourite characters than ever before.

This waterpark has now joined forces with THAI Smile Airways, where the planes will be adorned with cartoons and even the crew and interiors inside the planes will be cartoon-inspired.

“Our air crew will dress in cartoons,” informed Captain Woranate Laprabang, Acting CEO of THAI Smile Airways, who spoke with excitement at the announcement of this partnership, remembering his childhood’s cartoons and expressing pride over the agreement.

The captain pointed to the win-win benefit in that THAI Smile Airways (launched in 2012) and its fun, young and energetic character can match the Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark very well and draw more passengers from the regional destinations.

“With this collaboration, passengers we fly will now have another top destination in mind when flying to Thailand.”

He pointed out that since THAI Smile Airways is part of the national flag carrier it is their duty of  to promote Thailand and its tourism.

“The collaboration between THAI Smile Airways and Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark means a lot to the travel and tourism industry in Thailand. We are ready to propel our business alongside Cartoon Network Amazone.”

The first Cartoon Network Amazone-branded flight is expected to take off in April 2015, just in time for Songkran, Thailand’s New Year holiday and famous water festival.

Captain Woranate thanked his new partners for setting the first footprint for this new cartoon network waterpark concept in Thailand, “the right choice as it’s the most popular travel destination in Asia!”

Liakat Sultan Dhanji, CEO of Amazon Falls, the Thai company that have partnered with Cartoon Network Enterprises, spoke of the magical things – just like in the cartoons – that must come into place for something like this partnership with THAI Smile to come true.

He shared the vision with the captain how to take brand love and share it with every part in Thailand and the world.

“This partnership comes at the right time as we share the same purpose of attracting international tourists to Thailand. We hope that the opening of the Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark in Thailand, combined with the branded livery on the THAI Smile Airways’ fleet will appeal to family members traveling to the Kingdom. In addition to extending Cartoon Network Amazone’s realm of immersive experience outside of the waterpark itself, the collaborative effort aims to showcase Thailand as a fun-filled destination.”

Liakat continued to announce that the waterpark had already become the buzz around the world, in particular after Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark was recently awarded the prestigious Leading Edge Award 2014 at the World Waterpark Association’s Symposium and Trade Show Awards for its innovative design styles and themes, including the interactive nature of the rides, as well as attractions never seen before in the waterpark industry.

The Waterpark south of Pattaya expects 1 million visitors per year, with 60 per cent of those expected to be locals and rest foreigners.

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