Denmark provides solar-, wind-powered water pumps on Mekong

Denmark has supported the replacement of 32 water piped schemes in 13 Mekong Delta provinces. Here normal electric water pumps have been replaced by solar and wind energy pumps helping reduce electricity costs and ensure uninterrupted water supply for residents in the areas. solarpumps

Furthermore, a knowledge centre on renewable energy was established and now serves as a training centre. Hundreds of farmers have been trained in the operation and maintenance of the new technology and thousands of people in the community have been informed of renewable energy.

The successful project is supported by the Danish Embassy and the pumps have been provided by the Danish company Grundfos. Further replication of this model can be considered through seeking funding from the Danida Business Finance (DBF) programme, which offers interest free or low interest loans for Green Growth development projects in Vietnam.

The pictures are from Pho Ba Island – one of the places where the new solar pump has made life easier for the inhabitants, who now all have clean water running straight to their homes.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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