Denmark sends Defense Attaché to China

Danish Defense Minister Nicolai Wammen wants a closer connection between Denmark and China in defense affairs. During a visit this week the Danish Minister together with the experiences Danish brigadier general Carsten Rasmussen, who will be the first ever to work as defense attaché at the Danish Embassy in China, will start the cooperationwith China, reported Danish news paper Jyllands-Posten.


“We are already working together in an international cooperation, and that is why it is an obvious possibility also to cooperate in affairs of defense and security,” said Wammen referring to China’s role in the UN Security Council as one of the biggest contributors in international operations.

It is the first time since 2002 a Danish Defense Minister visits China. During his visit, Wammen will meet both the Chinese Minister of Defense Chang Wanquan and the vice chairman of the Chinese Military Commission Xu Quiliang.  In a Chinese perspective he ranks higher than the Minister of Defense, who is only a ordinary member of the Military Commission.

Read the full story (only in Danish) on this link

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