Denmark’s Asonor aims to silence Vietnamese snorers

Since 2013 the Vietnamese company “SOHACO GROUP” and “TannerMedico” from Denmark have developed the market for anti-snoring solutions in Vietnam.asonor

In Vietnam more than 42% of the total population is snoring, which is over 35 million people who have this problem, and another 35% are affected as partners.

This means that snoring is a very common problem and we find that a solution for this will not only help the “patient” but as well the partner suffering from snoring tells Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Dung from Sohaco Group, one of the major suppliers of health products to the Vietnamese population. Sohaco serves all pharmacies through its offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The last 6 months has shown that the decision to bring Asonor into Vietnam is the right decision says Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Dung. We have a growing demand for the solution and soon most pharmacies in Vietnam will be able to serve their customers with Asonor.

The Medical Device producer, TannerMedico A/S, is explaining that distribution into Vietnam is a natural move for Asonor like it has been for other emerging anti snoring markets, and as Jan Otzen, Vice President for TannerMedico A/S explains, Vietnam is one of the more than 30 countries worldwide already distributing Asonor, and within the next couple of years we expect our coverage to expand with more than 50%.

Snoring is becoming a more and more common problem in the society of Vietnam, and as such we see it as part of our strategy to serve this huge group of customers. As our population is increasing in terms of average age and standard of living, the snoring problem will escalate due to the fact that snoring is tightly linked to those above mentioned factors, tells Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Dung.

We are happy to have found the cooperation with TannerMedico A/S as their products already has shown the efficacy that was promised from the beginning, and this is important for us in order to be trustworthy in the market, like we are with all our other products exclusively sold through the pharmacies in Vietnam.

Asonor has in a comprehensive consumer test, been awarded as the number one anti snoring solution by the leading Scandinavian health magazine. The consumer test includes 7 different anti snoring remedies. Additionally a user test has been performed in 2 large European countries. In both Germany and Sweden 1000 testers have evaluated Asonor and more than 75% finds the product has a high efficacy and furthermore out of the testers more than 60% will recommend the product to friends and family with the same kind of general snoring problem

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