Denmark’s Climate, Energy and Buildings Minister discusses ‘green’ energy in China

The Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, visited Beijing from the 17th – 18th of December to meet with fellow Chinese ministers and energy sector executives.

During his visit, Minister Lidegaard, and the Danish Ambassador to China, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen, had meetings with Mr. Wan Gang, Minister of Science of Technology, Mr. Liu Tienan, director of the National Energy Administration, Mr. Jiang Weixin, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission as well as Mr. Liu Qi, Deputy Administrator of National Energy Administration. Minister Lidegaard also met with the Executive Vice President of the State Grid Corporation of China, Mr. Shuai Junqing.

Minister Lidegaard made it clear during his visit that Denmark and Danish companies can make a difference in creating a more green China.

“With China’s extreme growth rates, it’s crucial that the consumption of resources is as limited as possible. It is in China’s own interest, and in the long run it has significance for the entire world’s climate,” says Minister Lidegaard.

In China’s major cities, housing is shooting up at an unprecedented rate. China currently accounts for nearly half the square metres of housing being built worldwide. For that reason, it is crucial that the Chinese acquire knowledge on how to make housing as energy efficient as possible.

Denmark has some of the world’s tightest requirements for energy efficiency in buildings. Denmark’s on-going efforts to reduce energy consumption have created a solid base of experience and an array of proven solutions. In May, China announced its goal that before 2020, some 30 per cent of the country’s new construction projects should be energy-efficient buildings.

During his visit Minister Lidegaard witnessed a strategic agreement signing at the Danish Embassy between the High Tech Zone in Nanjing municipality in Jiangsu province and seven Danish companies COWI, AVK, Danfoss, Grundfos, NNE Pharmaplan, Velux and Rockwool that has proven solutions to reduce existing energy consumption.

“It means a lot when a country as large as China wants to improve energy efficiency. And even though we are a small country, we can really make a difference. We have the experience and know-how that is sought out by the Chinese authorities – and Danish companies have solid competences and world-class solutions to build energy-efficient structures, renovate for energy efficiency and deliver energy-efficient building materials,” says Minister Lidegaard.

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