DIAKRIT nominated for coveted technology award in Sweden


The company DIAKRIT which has offices both in Thailand, Sweden, Norway and Denmark has been nominated for a coveted technology award in Sweden.

In a press release the comany said, that it is “thrilled and honored to have been nominated for Computer Sweden’s award for Fastest-Growing IT company in Sweden”.

Computer Sweden’s “H.I.T.” list, which stands for Hype, Innovation and Technology, is a short-list of the country’s 50 hottest technology firms that are experiencing exceptional growth. The nominated companies are recognized for their hard work and the innovative products and services that they offer.

“It’s great to see that our hard work and our digital sales and marketing solutions for the real estate industry get recognition. Scandinavia has the highest level of internet usage within the European Union, so having it as a home market and as a test bed for our products has proven to be a great way to design and build products and solutions that are at the forefront when it comes to technology, design and mobility. We are proud to have clients in nine countries and to have the opportunity of working with leading players in each of these markets on a daily basis. It all comes down to being able to generate value for our clients, may they be real estate agents, brokers, developers or real estate portals, and we look forward to the continued opportunity of helping real estate professionals globally and to continue to push the boundaries in the advancements of technologies built specifically for the real estate industry.” said Dick Karlsson, Executive Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, DIAKRIT International Ltd. in a press release.


Since 2001 DIAKRIT has been designing and developing digital marketing solutions for real estate professionals.  DIAKRIT currently serves over 1,500 clients worldwide, including market leaders such as NCC, PEAB, RealPage, Rent.com, ApartmentGuide.com, Network Communications, Inc. and Immobilienscout24, who rely on DIAKRIT’s products and services daily to enhance their online listing presentations.

From cloud-based software, to 2D and 3D floor plan services, photo editing and retouching work, property slideshows, high-end 3D visualizations, flythrough animations and more, every product DIAKRIT develops and produces is specially designed to help make real estate professionals’ online listings attract more buyers and renters.

Thanks to its streamlined processes and in-house production, DIAKRIT is able to scale its business quickly to handle large volumes in record speed and at very affordable prices. DIAKRIT is the global leader in 3D visualization products, digital sales applications and professional services for the real estate industry.

DIAKRIT currently has offices in Thailand, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, has over 330 employees globally and more than 200 freelance photographers throughout Scandinavia. www.diakrit.com

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