Swedish author chasing 1.000 meals for orphanage

Now the thousand chase dinner is on!


The Swedish author Mikael Rosengren decided to make a difference. With the help from devoted readers, book lovers and common curious people collect at least 1,000 meals for children in Muang Mai, an orphanage in Thailand. Everyone who buys his new fairy tale “The raspberry boat race” are attending the 1.000-meals hunt, where one dollar from every book sold goes to the orphanage through Happy Child Foundation.

The goal is to sell 420 books, which will give 1.008 meals to the children’s home.

“The raspberry boat race” is a thrilling saga, which explores the meeting between the different worlds of two children; the Swedish tourist Erik and the Thai orphanage child Chan.

Do you want to join the hunt for the 1.000 meals?


For more information, follow this link.

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