Diplomatic stalemate between China and Norway

While a political counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Norway has been using big words about Norway after the expelling of a Chinese doctorate student, the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing avoids commenting on the case. 

Once more gravel has been thrown into the diplomatic relation between Norway and China. After the expelling of a Chinese doctorate student in Norway, Ma Quiang, a political counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Norway has been quoted for saying that:

“It is an infringement of the scholar’s rights, which has a damaging effect on Norway’s reputation and image in the international academic world and a negative impact on bilateral ties between China and Norway.”

But the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing does not want to comment on the specific case. However, the Embassy emphasizes that the Norwegian government is strongly supportive of the collaboration between Norwegian and Chinese research institutions.

“Chinese students and researchers in Norway make important contributions to research and the Norwegian government will continue to actively support academic collaboration between Norway and China,” Veslemøy Lothe Salvesen, Spokesperson for the Foreign Minister at the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing says.

The press spokesperson ends by saying:

“To be able to live and work in Norway, a valid residence and work permit is of course necessary”.

Norway’s diplomatic relations with China have been frozen since 2010 when the Nobel Committee awarded the peace prize to dissident Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11-year jail sentence in China on subversion charges. (Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/04/us-china-norway-idUSKBN0L805A20150204)

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