dtac in talks with regulator NBTC: potential 900MHz auction

Telenor’s Thailand telecommunications operator dtac (Total Access Communication Plc.) stated on 22 June 2018 a opening with the regulator NBTC.

Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, dtac said: “While dtac awaits more clarity on the remedy plan from NBTC, dtac is in active discussions with NBTC on a potential lower band (900 MHz) auction and hopes that this auction is planned with due consideration of dtac’s current lower band concession network (850 MHz) and the current market conditions.”

“On the other hand, it is dtac’s customer’s right to continue using the mobile services after the end of concession on 1800 MHz and 850 MHz as a remedial measure until the NBTC can successfully reassign those spectrum to new licensees. The customers of all other concessionaires (cusomter of AIS 1800, Truemove 1800 and AIS 900) have been granted such protection during 2013-2015 from NBTC and State. We are confident that our customers would be similarly protected by NBTC and hope that the successful assignment of spectrum would happen soon,” continued the press release.

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