East-West creative types to meet in Helsinki

The Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS) in Helsinki from September 4–7, 2014 draws together creative-industry professionals from countries, including Finland, China, Japan, Korea, Serbia, Indonesia and Sweden, to focus on the latest trends on music, design, media and the performing arts. The aim is to discover business opportunities, share best practices and meet inspiring people and ideas. EARS_on_Beijing_2013_roundtable

“In the global world of today, it’s evident that the West needs the East and the East needs the West,” says Erik Söderblom, director of the Helsinki Festival. “At first glance, big differences exist between the East and the West: in philosophy, customs, languages, writing – almost everything seems different. What EARS offers is an informal platform for opening up dialogue, relaxed meetings and safe steps in foreign territory. It’s a place for finding out that people are the same everywhere, after all.”

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