Electrolux Thailand new products campaign


Swedish global household appliance flagship, Electrolux, presents a new line of products to the Thai market under new “Electrolux Turn Delight Up” Campaign. This introduces a green approach to the market, focusing on “innovation to conserve energy and protect the environment, as Electrolux strives to lead in healthier home trends”, according to a press release. Electrolux Thailand refers to it “as our biggest campaign in the year 2016”.

General Manager Sutti Manokitjarunman presented the campaign at the Marriott Hotel in Bangkok 16th March 2016, where he outlined the objectives for the campaign.

“We want to expand our customer base and reach out to the new and younger generation of homeowners who want high-quality products that suit their lifestyle. Electrolux is a brand for home appliances of European standard and we fulfill people’s happiness with functionality and quality”, he said.



To highlight the campaign’s focus on household appliances relation to happiness and a “delightful life”, Electrolux had invited actress Sririta Jensen to share her stories about happiness; famous Thai traveller Jareyadee Spencer and her husband Jay Spencer; professional cyclist Jesada Sophonpanich Yangpichit with his wife Jannis Yangpichit and their children Janine and Jess, who shared tips on creating a happy marriage and family. Lastly there was a cooking demonstration by Swedish Chef Emelie Holm making healthy Swedish Pancakes.

More specifically the campaign presented a range of new products launched in four categories, listed by general manager Sutti Manokitjarunman: “Turn Taste Up looks at our range of refrigerators and how they help to preserve food better; Turn Vibrant Up reflects the performance of our washing machines; Turn Fresh Up refers to the cool environment created by our air conditioners; and Turn Refresh Up by experiencing a refreshing shower with our water heater range.”


Product highlights in the four categories include:

  • Refrigerators with “NutriFresh Inverter” system which helps preserve freshness of fruits and vegetables while reducing energy consumption by 37%.
  • \Washing Machines with “Vapour Action” technology which helps rejuvenate the fabric to make it softer and gentler and even reduces allergens in clothes by up to 99.9%. Electrolux Washing Machines have consistently been one of the bestsellers for over 30 years.
  • The “Vita Plus” Air Conditioners features 8 layers of air-born impurity and dirt filtering and 99 per cent bacteria elimination
  • Water Heaters with “Eco Touch” which offers better temperature control and helps households save more water by displaying how much water is being used.

Electrolux was founded in 1919, had a revenue of 112.1 billion SEK in 2014 and is consistently ranked the world’s second-largest appliance maker by units sold.

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