Elizabeth Romhild donates painting of old EAC Building in Bangkok

Photo curtesy: elizabethromhild.com

Earlier this month the Danish/Armenian artist Elizabeth Romhild donated and presented her painting of the old EAC Building in Bangkok to the building’s owner, Khun Charoen, his wife Khunying Wanna, and their daughter Khun Wallapa Traisorat, at their residence.

Elizabeth Romhild has been a resident of Thailand since 1988 and she is especially known for her colorful paintings, distinctive bold strokes, and three-dimensional bronze sculptures. On her website, Elizabeth Romhild explains that she painted the painting of the old ECA Building in Bangkok in 1997 when her husband Peter was working with EAC on Oriental Avenue.

The painting was originally donated to Asia House in Copenhagen, where it decorated one of the meeting rooms. Due to recent downsizing, however, Asia House could no longer keep the painting and it was returned to Elizabeth Romhild in Bangkok.

The old EAC building is owned by Khun Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi and therefore Elizabeth Romhild decided to donate the painting to their family.

Following presenting the painting, Elizabeth Romhild wrote, “I had the great honor of presenting the painting to Khun Charoen, his wife Khunying Wanna, and their daughter Khun Wallapa Traisorat at their beautiful residence, where they also took time to show me around. Afterward, Khun Wallapa, who is CEO of Asset World Corporation Pcl., invited us for lunch together with Mr. Lee Lin, Head of Product Strategy and Development at AWC.

During the lunch, we were also informed about the future of the old EAC building, which will be very exciting. Over the next few years, the building will undergo a major renovation, while preserving the original style, whereafter my painting will be displayed.”

Elizabeth Romhild also recently exhibited her mosaic designs in collaboration with Sonite Surfaces Thailand at the Mango Art Festival. Mango Art Festival is a celebration of different creative and artistic expressions, from contemporary art to photography, to product design, exhibited in Bangkok and the Elizabeth Romhild x Sonite Surfaces collaboration include a number of her original paintings as mosaic art and various mosaic table designs.

Elizabeth Romhild’s designs also appear on a variety of high-end brands including B&O, on a jewelry line for Maison Artinian and on collections of fine tableware, she launched six years ago. You can shop Elizabeth Romhild’s collections and stay updated on her fascinating creative world through her website elizabethromhild.com

Photo curtesy: elizabethromhild.com
Photo curtesy: elizabethromhild.com

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