Embassy job fair in Vietnam

Danish Ambassador in Vietnam, John Nielsen, opened his home on February 27, to host a job fair for Vietnamese students finishing a four-year Bachelor of Science in Finance offered jointly by Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College and Foreign Trade University.

Dedicated and ambitious students filled the rooms and discussed their future career opportunities with some of the more than 130 Danish companies based in Vietnam.

“There is a great need here in Vietnam for highly skilled graduates that are able to manoeuvre in an international business setting” said Managing Director, Thomas Frisenberg from Esoftflow, who welcomed the possibility to recruit Vietnamese job candidates in a different setting.



“We are providing the students with an American certified degree, but our way of teaching is firmly rooted in the Danish and Scandinavian way of teaching, which means putting a lot of emphasis on the students themselves. This is what sets our program apart from most other international programs being offered in Vietnam” said Vice President of Niels Brock, Ms. Jytte Mansfeld.

Ambassador John Nielsen expressed great appreciation for the Bachelor’s Program as well. “Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College and Foreign Trade University are doing a great effort promoting educational collaboration between Denmark and Vietnam” the Ambassador shared before giving the floor to the companies and the students.

Source: Embassy of Denmark, Vietnam (Photo and comments)

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