European Business looks forward to a more prosperous 2022 in Vietnam

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On 3 December, the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam held The European Night 2021 to mark the resilience of its members and their contribution to Vietnam’s fight against the pandemic during the fourth wave outbreak in 2021.

EuroCham Vietnam writes that the event was held both in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in a duplex and featured high-level speeches from Mr. Vo Van Hoan – Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee; H.E. Giorgio Aliberti, EU Ambassador to Vietnam and Head of the EU Delegation; and Alain Cany, EuroCham Chairman. 

The event also brought together not less than 13 ambassadors and consuls, Chairs of affiliated Business Associations, as well as representatives of major European enterprises and investors.

In a very warm and joyful ambiance, the event was organized to reconnect business leaders, rebuild confidence, and renew optimism after the difficulties of recent months.

Amazing Duo piano performances in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh marked the spirit of the night with the participation of the famous pianist Trang Trinh and the incredible duo Tuan Manh & Phiphi, the Chamber writes.

It also marked the conclusion of EuroCham’s ‘Breathe Again’ fundraising campaign and awarded the contribution of the initiators and the operations team. During the fourth wave outbreak, European companies and investors made direct and indirect donations worth over 1.5 million euros, enabling the purchase of much-needed medical equipment for hospitals in some of the hardest-hit provinces.

To highlight the resilience of European enterprises during the recent outbreak, as well as to recognize their support for Vietnam during the fourth wave outbreak, EuroCham also presented three awards at the event, sponsored respectively by THACO, Standard Chartered, and BlueScope. 

Amongst other things, Alain Cany, EuroCham Chairman, said that despite the challenges of COVID-19 in general – and the fourth wave in particular – European business stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Vietnam during these difficult times.

He noted that although we are not out of the woods, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Vietnam is beginning to return to business as usual and life as normal. “So, this evening I do not want to insist too much on the challenges of the past. Instead, I want to focus on the future of our chamber: we now need to shift our focus from surviving the pandemic to developing in the ‘new normal,” he said.

During his speech, Mr. Vo Van Hoan, Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee, amongst other things, thanked the EU, the EU Member States, and EuroCham for their valuable and timely support for Viet Nam, including Ho Chi Minh City in the fight against the Covid-19, especially the Breathe Again Viet Nam Campaign launched by EuroCham. 

“We wish to see you prosper, even stronger than the pre-Covid period. I have seen the light of hope and success behind the clouds, and I hope this light will bless you with resilience and prosperity in the future,” he said.

Read Eurocham Vietnam’s full coverage of The European Night 2021 here

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