EV cars in Norway account for more than half of the entire auto market

Clean transport transition is well underway and sales of plug-in electric cars have increased significantly in 2020 in the world’s two biggest markets, Europe and China.  Europe is led by Norway where plug-in electric cars now account for 54 percent of the entire auto market.

China and Europe have, with both the market’s combative attitude on carbon emissions and pollution caused by hydrogen-fueled vehicles, introduced policies and financial incentives that are designed to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles.

According to full-year data from CAAM, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and Schmidt Automotive Research, more than 2.6 million electric vehicles were sold across Europe and China in 2020 with Europe selling almost as many plug-in electric vehicles as China.

It is factors like Europe’s tightening vehicle emissions restrictions that fine carmakers if they do not have a fleet average of 95 grams CO2 per kilometer that has helped push sales of electric vehicles.

Analysts are predicting that the sales of plug-in electric cars will continue to rise in both Europe and China in 2021 which indicates that the transition to clean transport is a rapidly growing movement.

Source: The Driven

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  1. This is high time to use electric vehicles. Day by day increase the popularity of electric cars. Electric cars help to reduce carbon emissions. It is increasing the ability of sustainability.

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