Finnish cleantech company breaks record in Vietnam

Dewaco, a Finnish cleantech company, has broken its own record twice this month. In the start of February 2017 they first received their largest order of company history from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, where they were to deliver 100 chain scraper systems for a new wastewater plant.

“Managing and coordinating of the large order has been challenging, but rewarding. Thanks to the good team, the huge order is completely on time,” said plant manager Jari Virtanen back then on the new record.

Now, with a Vietnamese order of 120 chain scapers, the cleantech company has yet again broken its record. The chain scrapers will be delivered to Ho Chi Minh’s wastewater treatment plant in Vietnam, which is currently being extended. When the extension is finished, the plant will be one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Southeast Asia and will treat the wastewater of approximately 1.4 million inhabitants.

“Competition of the project was tough, but thanks to good references and contacts I got the customer convinced. First impression is very important in Southeast,” says Siri Dahanayake, sales manager of Southeast area.

Source: Econet Group

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