Finnish company to provide air system to big Chinese factory

Finnish company Sarlin will deliver a new air management system to one of China’s biggest steal factories.

Photo: Sarlin

Sarlin has closed a deal with Shougang Jingtang’ state-of-the-art steel factory to provide the factory with a compressed air management system.

“We’ve previously supplied several systems for the Chinese industry. The Shougang air compression system is the biggest for which our management system will be used,” says CEO of Sarlin, Kari Jäminki.

Sarlin is a Finnish family-owned technology provider, and according to the company the new air management system will pay itself back in energy savings in under a year.

In the future, Sarlin wishes to sign more deals in China:
“The growth outlook and potential for improving energy efficiency in air compression in China are vast and we will be doubling down in our efforts in the Chinese markets,” says Kari Jäminki.

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