Finnish edu-games company SkillPixels jointly expands in Asia with Fingerprint

For the Asia-Pacific market SkillPixels of Finland has joined forces with Fingerprint – a global mobile technology company to distribute SkillPixels educational games such as math learning game SmartKid™ on major Fingerprint-managed app distribution networks.

Fingerprint’s technology powers games and curates play-and-learn content to targeted customers around the world through dedicated mobile networks.


SkillPixels, founded in 2011, is a leading Finnish edtech company that develops games to enhance the way children learn. Its first title, math-learning game SmartKid came in 2013.

“We are truly excited to join forces with Fingerprint, and to leverage their fast-developing app distribution networks to expand our presence in Asia-Pacific and U.S. markets. Fingerprint’s highly targeted app distribution channels offer a great launch platform for our new Android products”, says Kristoffer Rosberg, CEO of SkillPixels.

SkillPixels’ edu-games will be offered via Samsung KidsTime app subscription service in Southeast Asia and Oceania as of Q2 2015.

SmartKid is based on over 15 years of research in Learning Analytics. It’s a smart learning game that recognizes and adjusts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that your child is prepared for future challenges. The game has complete preschool, 1st and 2nd grade math – three years’ worth of curriculum-based math exercises for the price of a single app. SmartKid increases the child’s learning motivation and makes learning more effective.

Samsung KidsTime is a dedicated app network and subscription service offered on select Samsung tablet devices in Southeast Asia and Oceania. The service offers a safe and fun environment for kids 3 to 7 years old to play and learn. Parents can create a family account for multiple children and receive personalized reporting, content recommendations and access controls for each child.

“Fingerprint and Samsung KidsTime provide a distribution channel to SmartKit app. We find them extremely interesting partners. Fingerprint’s highly targeted app distribution channels offered Smartkid a great platform to introduce the Android version of the product,” says CMO Hanna Virtanen.


“However, Samsung KidsTime is not the only route to access the game. SmartKid is available in 15 languages on iOS, Chrome Web Store, Google Play store and Windows Phone. It’s possible the purchase the app in a similar fashion that you would download any new app you would like to use. It is possible to try it for free. The complete game can be purchased at 4.99$.”

The game is optimized for tablet and mobile phone. Thus, it is possible to play the game also on a smartphone.

SkillPixels’ game developers and experts in artificial intelligence work with psychologists, educators and scientists specialized in children’s pedagogy. The aim is to become the world’s leading educational solution provider.

Fingerprint powers games and curates play-and-learn content to targeted customers around the world through dedicated mobile networks. Industry leaders in mobile technology, edutainment, broadcast and more licence Fingerprint’s technology platform and content solution. Fingerprint-powered networks are also creating new distribution and monetization opportunities for kidmobile content developers.

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