Finnish union strike averted – Finnair’s flights not threatened

The strike warning issued by the Finnish Aviation Union for 19-20 May 2015 has been averted. The strike would have impacted also Finnair and its subcontractors as well as other airlines operating to and from Finland. The warning was in connection to a dispute related to a collective labour agreement applied to a Finnish ground handling company. Finnair is not a party to the dispute in any way.


The strike would have had significant impacts on Finnair flights, as it would bring Finnair’s baggage and ground handling services to a complete halt for several hours during peak travel hours on 19-20 May. The strike would thus have disrupted the travel plans of thousands of Finnair customers. Finnair had already offered customers the possibility to change their travel dates to avoid traveling on the possible strike days.

“We are happy to see that the negotiating parties have reached an agreement in this dispute, which Finnair was not involved in. I am glad that our customers can now prepare for their flights next week without having to worry about a strike threat impacting their travel plans,” says Ville Iho, Finnair Chief Operating Officer.

“We are sorry about the uncertainty this situation may have caused to our customers. Thankfully the strike threat has now been withdrawn.”

Customers who made changes to their flights due to the strike threat can, if they wish, change their flights back to the original flights, by contacting Finnair customer service at +358 10 80 40 60 (open 24/7). Finnair also serves customers on Twitter @FinnairHelps and on Finnair Facebook pages. We apologize for the possible waiting times at our customer service, as they deal with the incoming change requests.

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