Finnish film festival in Singapore started

Finnish film festival 2018 in Singapore started on 11 October and will continue until 21 October 2018.

The opening of the film festival started with screening of “Tom of Finland”.

Following films will be shown during the festival:
Drifting clouds , 12 October
Super furball , 13 October
Man and a baby , 13 October
Lights in the dusk , 13 October
Jill, Joy and the mysterious stranger, 14 October
Calamari union, 14 October
The match factory girl , 19 October
East of Sweden , 20 October
The man without a past , 20 October
Euthanizer , 20 October
Moomins and the winter wonderland , 21 October
Law of the land , 21 October
Le havre, 21 October

All of the movies will be shown in The Projector. The film festival takes place in cooperation with Singapore Film Society.

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