Sweden at Food’s Future Summit Hong Kong

On 21-22 September the Food’s Future Summit 2018 took place, this year with a spotlight on Sweden. There, participants got to learn more about how this Nordic country’s transformative policies, products and practices in devising advanced and progressive solutions for a sustainable future in the world of food.

By 2050, the global population will have grown by a third. However, we may only be able to feed half of 2050’s population at current food production rates. We may even run out of fish by 2048. It’s not just quantity — environment and sustainability problems also threaten the global supply of food and nutrition.

Thus, the topics at the summit were based on the following key questions: What will we be eating in the future? How will our dining experience change? How do we create a sustainable food cycle?

Following the successful launch of the award-winning Summit in 2017, the organiser put up a bigger and more impactful event in 2018, expanded to two-full days in order to bring more change-makers, experts and conscious consumers to delve into the key innovations, trends and issues in the culinary world.

The food summit worked with the Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong to feature this amazing country’s innovative approach, championed by both private and public sectors, to devise solutions to a sustainable food’s future.

The goals of the summit are to: inspire and initiate change within the world of food: recognise future-forward businesses; champion individuals behind critical causes; and empower consumers to make better-informed decisions about what they eat.

Helena Storm, Consul-General, Consulate General of Sweden to Hong Kong and Macau, gave here opening remarks on behalf of Sweden.

In addition, movers and shakers from Sweden shared lessons, examples and policies showing how the Nordic country is helping design our planet’s future of food in the session ‘How Sweden Designs Our Food’s Future’. These were: Prof. Lars Montelius, Director General, The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory; Annika Grälls, Project Manager, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Founder of Food Tech; Johan Jörgensen, Founder and Partner, Sweden Foodtech; and Tommy Leung, founder and MD of GAFELL, a start-up with Swedish origins producing delicious ready meals in Hong Kong.

Professor Montelius also joined another Swede, Björn Segerblomon, on the Future of Food Safety panel, exploring how technological advances can ensure that our food is really what it claims to be on the label. Living in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years, Björn is engaged in board, advisory and project assignments related to food safety, focusing on Hong Kong, Asia and Scandinavia.

Sources: Food’s Future Summit, Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong

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