Finns arrested in Malaysia for distributing Christian Pamphlets

Four Finns were arrested Tuesday on the holiday island of Langkawi in Muslim-majority Malaysia for allegedly distributing pamphlets about Christianity. The authorities detained the two men and two women after complaints from public that they were handing out Christian pamphlets.

Four Finns held over distribution of Christian fliers. If found guilty, they could be jailed for between two and five years. Photo: AFP.

The police arrested the four Finns aged between 27 and 60 at their hotel and the police seized pens, notebooks and a bag. They are now being detained in a pre-trial detention and could face up to five years in prison for distributing non-Muslim material which is strictly forbidden in Malaysia.

“Police have arrested four Finnish nationals in Langkawi for allegedly distributing religious material in a public place. They were distributing pamphlets related to Christianity,” said local police chief Mohamad Iqbal Ibrahim to AFP.

Source: Channel NewsAsia/AFP.

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