Fish farming pilot projects to showcase Danish technology in Vietnam

AquaCircle, an association for Danish companies, institutions, fish farmers and organisations with interest in recirculation-technology in aquaculture, is implementing two pilot projects in Vietnam. The projects are conducted in collaboration with local Vietnamese institutions, to create awareness of Danish technology and know-how in fish farming.


More fish production, lower fodder waste and less pollution can be achieved in the same space, according to Jesper Heldbo, staff executive at AquaCircle. The purpose is to convince the local fish farmers that Danish technology is the way to go. One of the projects is a demonstrative fish farm.

“We are currently looking for a Vietnamese fish farm willing to put at our disposal ponds, a crew, fodder and electricity. We need four ponds, where we can do testing on aeration-systems and fish-density measurement,” he said.

“As it is the only available oxygen in the ponds comes from the algae, which during the day produces oxygen through photosynthesis. That means the fish can only survive at the top one and a half meters below water surface of the ponds, which are usually three to five meters in depth. By adding oxygen, the farmers can make use of the entire pond, from surface to bottom, and in so doing produce more fish,” Jesper Heldbo added.

The other project AquaCircle is launching is training Vietnamese fish farmers to get accustomed to the Danish equipments.

“In collaboration with the University of Can Tho, we will educate the local fish farm employees in proper production processes. Among other things, they will be introduced to water chemistry and get a better understanding of how fish breathe. In the long run, we hope that the young farmers, that we train will choose Danish technology to improve productivity and yields.”

Jesper Heldbo believes there are good opportunities for Danish companies to export equipments to Vietnam if they work together to provide fish farming solutions.

“If the companies want to deliver their products on their own, they won’t stand much chance. There are many suppliers that deliver the same products, so we have to offer something more. For example, we need to offer a concept, coupled with package solutions and know-how” Jesper Heldbo stated.

Source: Eksportforeningen, Danmark.